These 50 reminders began in August 2010 as "poster notes" for discipline and self-empowerment. Each message ranges from an abstract one-word depiction, to a thorough and direct explanation. Aesthetically, these posters are structured with elements of graphic minimalistic color fields and typographical experimentation.

Synergy was completed in June 2011 and illustrates the challenges that one undergoes when transitioning between two environments full of different social factors. These 50 posters serve as a daily reminder to value the basics of human interaction, the expansion of knowledge, and the importance of personal stability in order to achieve one's goals.



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Thought No. 10 : Hard times make you stronger, therefore they build character.
Thought No. 9 : Don’t talk unless you do it.
Thought No. 8 : People never change, attitudes change (I think).
Thought No. 7 : You think your feelings, ideals and madness are unique. You’d be surprised.
Thought No. 6 : Love is not a word.
Thought No. 5 : Trust your instinct.
Thought No. 4 : I wish I were angry more often.
Thought No. 3 : Ignorance is bliss
Thought No. 2 : Everyone lives within their own reality.
Thought No. 1 : Never expect anything from anyone.